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  • UK illegally extends steel tariffs

    International Business News  –  A few days ago, the British International Trade Minister Trevelyan said that the United Kingdom will extend the import protection tariff for steel products until June 2024, as a way to protect the British domestic steel industry. It is reported that, in order to prevent the influx of steel products into […]

  • Mingyang Smart successfully listed in the UK

    International Business News  –  Recently, another Chinese company successfully listed in the UK. British Investor (July 13, 2022) was informed that Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingyang Smart), a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, will officially land on the main board of the London Stock Exchange today (July 13). , the stock […]

  • China becomes UK’s largest source of international students

    International Business News  –  The latest data shows that the number of Chinese students applying to study in the UK has reached a new high. According to the UK University and College Admissions Service (UCAS), as of June 30, 31,400 Chinese students had applied to study at UK universities, an increase of 10% from last […]

  • Starbucks considering leaving UK

    International Business News  –  US coffee chain giant Starbucks is considering leaving the UK market due to competition and changing consumer preferences. According to the BBC, Starbucks turned to a consulting firm to consider selling some of its stores. Starbucks has more than 1,000 stores in the UK and about 4,000 employees. In March, Starbucks […]

  • UK steel industry opposes lifting of anti-dumping measures against China

    International Business News  –  According to the British “Financial Times” report,  British Trade Remedy Office proposed to remove anti-dumping duties on high-fatigue-resistant steel bars produced in China, because the continued implementation of these measures is no longer in the UK’s economic interest. Trade Remedies Authority, established only last year, is an independent arms-length body that […]

  • UK workers see biggest drop in wages in more than two decades

    International Business News  –  British workers are struggling to cope with the biggest drop in wages in more than two decades as food and energy prices have risen sharply, official figures released Tuesday night, Singapore time 19, showed. According to data released Tuesday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the real wages of British […]

  • EU and UK have a gas deficit of approximately 94.7 billion m³ in 2022

    International Business News  –  Huatai Securities issued a research report, said the EU + the United Kingdom this year, about 94.7 billion m³ of natural gas shortage, there is also the threat of Nord Stream I annual maintenance leading to cut-off, increasing the uncertainty of the European gas supply, Europe and the United States is […]