To make the UK a country of aspirations

International Business News – The new British Prime Minister Truss officially took office on September 6. She delivered a speech after taking office, saying that the UK is facing global challenges brought about by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the new crown epidemic, threatening to implement a “bold plan” to reform the UK, and put forward three policy policies, including tax cuts and dealing with the energy crisis. Confidence that the country can “go through the storm”.

According to reports, after former British Prime Minister Johnson stepped down on the 6th and officially resigned to the Queen, Truss went to Balmoral Castle in Scotland on the same day to meet the Queen to accept her appointment and become the new Prime Minister. Truss became the fifteenth Prime Minister appointed by the Queen of England.

According to reports, Truss returned to No. 10 Downing Street to deliver her inaugural speech later. She first announced that she had accepted the Queen’s invitation to form a government and thanked Johnson for his contributions to Brexit and the new crown vaccine. Afterwards, Truss said it was time to tackle the issues holding back the UK, including building roads, houses and fast broadband to ease the burden on households and make the UK an “aspirational nation”.

Truss reportedly suggested three jobs to tackle first:

The first, on the economy, focuses on ‘getting Britain working again’, including tax cuts and reforms to the tax system to boost growth and investment from businesses so the UK can operate, build and grow. She also promised that the country would build more hospitals, schools and broadband networks.

The second item is about energy. She pledged to deal with the energy crisis immediately, taking action this week to tackle high energy prices and secure future energy supplies.

The third is for national health care. She said it would allow people to make an appointment to see a doctor and get the NHS services they need to keep the health service on the ground.

The report pointed out that the United Kingdom is currently facing an inflation crisis, and what policies will be launched after Truss comes to power has always been concerned. British and American media quoted news earlier that Truss intends to freeze household energy bills for one and a half years, and is preparing to give business Provide a support package of up to 40 billion pounds.

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