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Societe Generale reduces the allocation of global dollar assets

UK Insurance Societe Generale has “significantly” downgraded the U.S. dollar content of its global asset allocation, Alain Bokobza, head of global asset allocation and equity strategy at Societe Generale tells a news event in Frankfurt. The reduction of U.S. assets in the global allocation is triggered by the weaker USD, a function of a more dovish U.S. Federal Reserve. The reallocation out of dollars is spread into a wider range of currencies, including sterling, the yen, emerging market currencies and the euro, Mr. Bokobza says. Societe Generale increased allocation to sterling in the last quarter of 2018, anticipating that a no-deal, hard Brexit will be avoided, Alain Bokobza, head of global asset allocation and equity strategy at Societe Generale tells a news event in Frankfurt. “A no deal would be very-very damaging for the U.K. economy, with contagion impact on Europe,” Bokobza says. Societe Generale’s basecase scenario is a deal which would be bullish for sterling, and would also be supportive of euro.  

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


BBC报道,根据今天刊登的最新研究报告,1万5000年前左右在印尼佛罗雷斯岛绝种的矮人不是智人,而是不同物种,这个说法引起人类学界的热烈讨论。 因为身材矮小而有「哈比人」之称的佛罗雷斯人化石,在2003年于佛罗雷斯岛(Flores)出土。

 自此之后,有关他们到底是属于未知的早期人类分支,还是现代人因疾病而导致的畸形怪人等,引发热烈争辩。 研究人员表示,根据头盖骨分析的新研究显示,佛罗雷斯人确定不是智人。 在此之前,学术研究指向不同方向,且科学披露不时倾向尖酸刻薄。 

BBC新闻说,其中一个学派认为,所谓的佛罗雷斯人是直立人的后代,历经数百个世代后变得越来越矮小。 这个过程称为「岛屿侏儒化」(insular dwarfing),也就是低海平面时期陆桥出现,成为动物迁徙的通道,结果海平面上升后,它们被困在岛屿上。如果食物供应量减少,它们的体型就会逐渐变小。 成年哈比人站立时身高只有100公分,体重约25公斤。

 BBC NEWS 说,但另一派研究人员则认为,佛罗雷斯人是现代人,他们体型矮小和大脑比葡萄柚还小是因为遗传异常。

Friday, February 06, 2015

Currently content includes five parts

Currently content includes five parts:

Part 1: Information scrollbar

This part includes 5 information and pictures: learning savings, RRSP(Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contribution deadline March 2, 2015, what is 69% of Canadians have in common, the achievements in November 2014, the health investment.

Part 2: Articles

In this section published a lot of articles, divided into the most recent, most viewed, top rated. These articles include the services of wellness, family, money, working life, retirement, plans and coverage and resources to support other aspects.

Part 3: Questions from members

Here you can see a lot of questions from members. For example, some member what to know how to check the status of a submitted group medical or dental claim, some member what to know What is my group coverage or eligibility for a particular medical/dental expense, some user what to know how to change my investment fund lineup or transfer assets from one fund to another, and so on.

Part 4: Quick Poll

Now launched a quick poll: Have you made your RRSP contribution yet? And following provides 4 options:

    No, but I plan to make a last-minute contribution,

    Yes, I contribute all year,

    No, because I have other investments,

I wish I had money to invest.

You can view the results after make a choice.If you want to learn more about the registered retirement savings plans, you can watch the video.

Part 5: Sign in to My Sun Life and Download My Sun Life Mobile

After you enter your access ID and password, you can access your My Sun Life.Mobile phone is more and more popular now, so this website also provides a mobile My Sun Life.

pcfinancial teach you how to make money is a website dedicated to online banking services, after entering the site you can select the language category (English), then you can log in to the online banking to go, you can check your bank accounts、credit card、mortgages、investments、borrowing.

Now for the user to launch a private custom tour: January 30- February 28, Exclusively for PC Financial® MarstCard holders.

Next, the site provides users with some tips to make money. PC Financial team can help user make money smart, and make everyday simple and better. If you want to know more, you can click on Learn More. Do you want to know how to get free food? In fact, this is very simple. Every time you use your PC Financial MarstCard for purchases, you’re shopping your way to free food. It’s that easy and there’s no annual fee! In order to facilitate the daily deposit of users, launched a mobile cheque deposit. Through three steps, the user can easily complete the deposit:

1, Take a picture of the front and back of the cheque. Ensure that all four corners of your cheque are within the borders shown on the screen.

2, Enter the cheque amount and then select the account you want to deposit it into.

3, Tap "Submit", wait for confirmation, write "DEPOSITED" on the cheque and destroy it after five days. provides a whole new way to earn points: Earn even more PC points, just for buying the food you at a wide variety of stores here PC products are sold. If you want to know more, you can click on Learn More.

Teach you how to use is a very simple website. First is the welcome of a red font. Then you need choice your domain: student, staff or UGDSBED, and enter your windows user name and password, then you can sign in.

When you visit, you need to note is that if you are using a shared computer, please use the log out after each site. For more information or help with Google Apps for Educators, please visit UGCloud Support.

In the pages of a lowermost Read the Terms & Conditions and conditions by the terms and conditions, you can learn about your user name and password are the same, and will use all the policy and when users use according to their own school's code of conduct boot properly into the site. The site is limited to Guelph, Canada School Board incumbent staff and students, in addition to all access is strictly prohibited. Director of the Department of Education will control access to, and monitor student activities.

 In addition, all users Guelph, Canada School Board will indemnify and protect the innocent of the board of directors, its employees, officers, principals and agents from and against any accusations, claims, suits, losses, reward system of sanctions, as well as from the punishment any person to cause injury or property damage. In addition, Canada Guelph School Board will protect the use of this service suffered accusations.

In the final site attached Guelph, Canada School Board's address:500 Victoria Road N. Guelph, Ontario.N1E 6K2, telephone number: 519-822-4420 and email address: Through these connections easy and simple way users can link to the School Board of Guelph, Canada. instructions and tutorials

After entering, you can choose MasterCard categories: in the US, there are English gift cards, loyalty cards in English, Spanish card; there are two cards in English and French in Canada; Puerto Rico (located in the eastern islands of the West Indies) there are English and Spanish regions card two kinds of cards. When you select a card in the future, click enter, enter your card number to view the balance of payments and account balances, and browsing history.

 Click on the red icon to go to the next page for more information, such as the important thing, FAQs, Cardholder Agreement, contact information, and so on. If you need help, then you can contact and customer service representatives, telephone 1-800-680-5941,24 hour online service. MasterCard can relieve you of troubles when shopping and MasterCard with the new global e-commerce solutions that enable cardholders themselves on the Internet via a dedicated code verification, improve the security of online shopping. If you would like more information you can click over SecureCode. If you want to see the terms and gift cards to use, you can refer to the Cardholder Agreement. MasterCard Gift Card is issued by the bank Bancorp Company under the provisions of MasterCard International Inc., must have ITC Financial Licenses or IH Financial Licenses, depending on the country or region of the card is purchased.

Acceptance or use of the card, the cardholder must agree to be bound on with the cardholder agreement, expired cards will be replaced upon request, but the card funds never expire. The cards are available in the District of Columbia, the United States and accept MasterCard debit cards regions. On site service to customers in different regions offer different options, choose Master, you will no worries.